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This website is dedicated to humiliating and exposing, Damien Michael Turner, the diaper fag. Permission to do so has been provided by Damien Turner himself in the form of a rights waiver which you may view by clicking here.

I have also recently supplemented my rights waiver by signing an public exposure agreement which can be found by clicking here.

For a full site map to explore while this site is under construction you can *click here*.

If you would like to download any of my files I've yet to upload here feel free to *check out my OneDrive!*

If you're a potential employer you can click *here* to view my most up-to-date resume and I'm available to be contacted at the email below.

Please feel free to submit any comments, ideas, or suggestions to damien@damienturnerdiaperboy.com


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Diaper Boy Damien Turner Humping a Light Pole in a Messy Diaper!
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